Comprehensive service in the field of industrial automation. 


We deliver machines, measurement and technological stations for companies. We solve unusual problems, requiring unconventional solutions and creativity. Our brand is based on reliable engineering knowledge, years of experience and dozens of implemented applications.

We are COGNEX Partner System Integrator – a world leading company in the field of vision systems.

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Design and Mechanical Engineering

Programming and Application Development

Start-up and Integration

Warranty and Post-warranty Service

The main purpose of "Firma Inżynierska Tadeusz Wędzony" is to provide comprehensive service in the field of industrial automation for companies, especially in designing and assembling machines and devices as well as in vision systems integration. 

In order to provide the best quality, we implement and further develop ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. It covers the whole machine production process that includes designing, manufacturing, assembling, programming and start-up process of the device. 

Due to increasing demands of industrial automation market, we invest in our engineering staff development and training as well as in our company organizational improvements.



Tadeusz Wędzony

Firma Inżynierska Tadeusz Wędzony is on the course of implementation of EU project 'Establishing a Research & Development Centre at Firma Inżynierska Tadeusz Wędzony to develop innovative solutions for pharmaceutical industry'.

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