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Unique Device Identification

UDI I.png

The implementation of the UDI Directive is mandated for medical device and pharmaceuticals manufacturers. These products must be clearly identified to ensure reliable traceability and patient safety. Manufacturers must maintain deadlines and need to implement marking systems that are able to mark in accordance with UDI requirements and medical standards.

What is the Basic UDI-DI code? Find the answer in a movie delivered by GS1 organisation.

UDI production process comes in four steps:

Step 1. Printing templates – the manufacturer chooses the code type – barcode or DataMatrix – and other informations essential for the patient.

Step 2. Preparing the production order – the manufacturer generates UDI identificatory serial numbers, then sends it to the printing device.

Step 3. Production – Print&Check machine must be integrated with a production line.

Step 4. Storing data in a database – which allows to search for essential product information in a database.

The goal of the Unique Device Identification is to increase patient safety same as optimize patient care. Other benefits of UDI are among others: more efficient product recalls, improved counterfeiting protection and security throughout entire supply chain.


In order to improve production process and to help meeting the requirements of UDI Directive “Firma Inżynierska Tadeusz Wędzony” have developed and implemented specialized, proprietary software for allocating and printing UDI identificators on medical products. Superior MTRX-UDI system generates the code, prints template and stores the code in a database. Print&Check machine carries out the production process.


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